Roof Cleaning Trinity Fl.

Roof Cleaning Trinity Fl 

With its food source being the limestone filler in asphalt singles, Roof Algae (Gloeocapsa Magma) has successfully migrated everywhere in the S.W.Florida and is thriving in the humid climates of Trinity Fl, Tampa, Clearwater, Safety Harbor and St Petersburg and most of S.W. Florida.

Pressure cleaning can create leaks in tile or blow the mortar out causing serious damage

There are three types of roof cleaning contractors you should avoid.

There are company’s that will (believe it or not) actually pressure wash your roof with equipment that would rip up your wooden deck. Just imagine what it does to your shingles.

Roof Cleaning Trinity  

There are also company’s that have signed on with the useless or damaging gimmick cleaners that use the smoke and mirrors of “Low Pressure” to pacify your concerns of damage.

Knowing that their gimmick cleaning chemical doesn’t work, they claim and maybe even demonstrate their fancy water broom or special surface cleaner.

They might even show you how low their pressure is. Here’s the catch, no amount of water pressure stronger than your water hose is safe and when they are up on your roof, they will use whatever pressure they need to get finished and get to the next scheduled job. Your roof is a secondary concern to their schedule.

Most importantly, both of these two groups of contractors would void your roof warranty.

The last type is the part timer who might or might not be doing the cleaning properly but has no insurance, no website and should their be an issue or problem, they can disappear as fast as they appeared on the roof cleaning scene.                .

Roof Cleaner Trinity Fl 

Our chemical roof cleaning system last three to five times longer than any type of pressure cleaning restoring your roof to its original color for pennies the cost of replacement roofs, with no damage to any type of roof what so ever!

Our roof cleaning process safely kills, disinfects and removes algae, moss, mold and mildew. Rinsing away years of discoloration and restoring your roof like new .

The dark stains and black roofs can also contribute to increased cooling costs by raising interior attic temperatures ( black roofs act like solar panel’s).  This causes A/C to work harder raising electric bills!     A clean roof can save you $$ in the long run!!

Roof Cleaning Trinity Fl

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