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Roof Cleaning Services

 Roof Cleaning Services 

Roof Cleaning is the process to remove black roof stains including Green Algae and Black Algae “gloeocapsa magma” from roofing materials in areas where high humidity is prevalent. The black stains are also very likely to harbor a number of molds or fungi. Unlike algae, the fungi on our roofs lacks chlorophyll and are unable to manufacture food from raw materials. The algae must get nutrition from some form of organic matter. To thrive, they also require a warm, humid environment. At Apple Roof Cleaning of pasco & Pinellas we can make your tile roof or shingle roof looks new again, while extending the life of your shingles. We use a low-pressure chemical roof cleaning process and apply our roof cleaning solution with no more pressure than what typically comes from your water hose. Once applied, our roof cleaning solution will remove the darkest roof stains in minutes!  A pressure washer should never be used to clean any roof!   The high pressured stream of water produced by a pressure washer will dislodge large quantities of the protective granules covering your shingles(or remove the clear coating on tiles) and leave your shingles vulnerable to the elements. This will lead to early roof failure and void any warranty that you may have on your tiles or shingle roof!

Roof Cleaning

As part of a normal roof maintenance program, concrete tile is often cleaned to remove dirt, algae, fungus
and roof molds. The skill of the individual doing the cleaning and the method employed will determine the ultimate
appearance of the roof.
Roof cleaning requires an experienced individual who understands what he or she is doing. When done by a
professional the roof can look new, but when done by an amateur roof cleaner the damage can be irreparably.  Furthermore, if the individual is inexperienced in walking on a roof he or she may break tiles or fall and suffer serious injury.
The method used in cleaning the roof is dependent on what needs to be cleaned off.
roof cleaning is a job for professionals roof cleaners experienced with roof tiles and roof cleaning chemicals!    Allowing an inexperienced individual on your roof is a risk not worth taking.

Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Fl,

Have A home in Tampa ? Apple has been cleaning roofs in the Tampa bay area since 1999, Apple is a house hold name in S.W. Florida , Give us a call our prices are hard to beat!!


We specialize in all types of Low pressure chemical roof cleaning  including Asphalt, Tile, T.P.O. durlast ,Slate and Wood Shake.

What does NON-Pressure Cleaning mean? It means we use chemicals to clean (soft wash) and kills  bacteria, mold, algae, moss and mildew on contact!!

Apple Roof Cleaning only uses chemicals approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association (ARMA).

What does this mean for you? Better curb appeal, Reduced utility bills, and even better breathing.


Your Roof Cleaning Service Professionals

House Washing *  Fascia & Soffit Cleaning

Fence Cleaning *  Sidewalk Cleaning Drive ways

* Paver Cleaning *Side walks

Deck Cleaning * Screen Enclosure Cleaning* Pool cages and decks

Tile Roof Cleaning * Shingle roof cleaning * And more….

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Apple Roof Cleaning Of Pasco & Pinellas is the roof cleaning service of choice in Palm Harbor, FL because Top quality roof cleaning service that does not cut any corners, and the service is offered at lower rates than the competition. It’s truly a wonder as to why anyone would hire any other roof cleaning contractor.

roof cleaning services!